Acclaimed artist, Muffin Hyche, who recently relocated to Charlotte, NC  from San Francisco where she was voted Best Artist in the Bay Areaby San Francisco Magazine, has already produced a lifetime of work and has sold thousands of pieces to celebrities, sports figures and private collectors around the world.

Muffin’s unique style of combining abstract expressionism with minimalistic qualities creates an explosion of color and heavy texture. Her bold creations are a clear, vivid view of the emotions of Muffin herself. Each original piece she creates tells a unique story — a snapshot of emotion captured on canvas then eloquently conveyed by words in a poem that is attached to each piece. These creative poems reflect Muffin’s innermost thoughts on life, love, destiny, and the freedom to live life on one’s own terms.

Muffin is influenced and inspired by dreams, flashes of imagery, music and the beauty that lies between two people which often goes unnoticed. She lets these images come to her through subconscious elements where she can vigorously throw them on canvas.


If you are interested in buying art from Muffin please contact us at 510.258.1873 or at  Muffin proudly accepts Visa & MasterCard.