“Muffin’s work has such depth and meaning. She illustrates what is often impossible to articulate with words. The result is powerful and forever captivating.”

– Lindsay Nohr Beck, New York, NY –Founder of Fertile Hope


“The first time I saw Muffin’s artwork I was astounded. She is the rarest of artists — she can indeed transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

– John Doffing, Owner START Soma, San Francisco, CA


“Tapping into a collective consciousness Muffin’s art reveals an inner sanctum of beauty, conflict, and resolution. Muffin’s art has a sublime power of allowing the viewer to knowingly experience a moment of self-exploration. Her pieces are mandatory for anyone who appreciates art as form and function.”

– Ethan Allen, San Francisco, CA — Art Collector


“The colors and texture unfurl with each passing glance. Each day new details appear, endlessly sparking my curiosity.

– Anne Lowery, San Francisco, CA — Art Collector


“She builds them, not paints them. You get swallowed up by them with all of your senses.”

– Kevin O’Donnell, Reno, NV — Art Enthusiast


If you are interested in buying art from Muffin please contact us at 510.258.1873 or at Muffin@MuffinART.com.  Muffin proudly accepts Visa & MasterCard.